“Puja is a goldmine of business and marketing knowledge combined with a deep understanding of how to make your business work for your unique strengths and talents. I’ve uncovered the language to describe the real problems I’m solving for my clients and the results I know I can help them get. This has opened up an entirely new set of customers for me and services I can offer to them.

My time with Puja has also helped me prioritize what is most valuable to me and thus I’ve become more comfortable saying “no” to some things, giving me more time and energy to focus on the important stuff. As someone who has been very driven and goal-oriented, it’s been hard for me to let myself take days off without feeling guilty. Now I recognize the importance of doing so and it’s made me more productive and happier.

I highly recommend Puja to other purpose-driven entrepreneurs, who desire knowing how to navigate our busy, modern world while remaining heart-centered and grounded and celebrating our unique gifts as women.”

Carol Morgan Cox
Creator, Speaking Your Brand

“The schedule and business plan we’ve created together gives me time to work IN my business and ON my business, which I really needed. I have a renewed sense of energy, clarity and focus to move forward. OF course – best of all – it’s from a heart centered place where my intuition and joy will be the most important factors moving me forward.

As a result of our work, I have found renewed joy and playfulness in my everyday world. As a typical “Type A,” I have always been so action and task oriented that I had forgotten how to be gentle and relaxed in my work.

Puja has this kind, yet firm way of directing you back into those nurturing, yet very powerful parts of yourself. I feel that my work has been more productive, I am happier and I am more aligned with my authentic self.

Puja is a Magical Goddess of Remembrance – coaching us all to remember the love and power that lives within us.”

Lisa Beaury
Owner, Healing Alternatives Inc.

“My numbers have gone up and I am actually working less,….What!?
My business was growing slowly but since the program business has grown tremendously.

The coaching program has helped me tremendously in organizing my schedule to work smarter not harder. I feel clarity in my direction, aligned more with my feminine power. Creating healthier boundaries and creating programs to help my clients in a way I have never before. Knowing that it’s ok, more than ok to succeed at being all that I dream to become. Learning a bit more about how to be flexible with myself from day to day; celebrating, resting, daydreaming, and seeing challenges as an opportunity. It’s not always the time to do, it’s important to be as well 🙂

Puja is a loving, powerful, wise, and supportive motivator, teaching women to understand, accept, and propel their divine power in their unique purpose(s). I absolutely recommend her. 

– Danielle Commarota
Owner, Now and Zen Wellness

Puja is connected to a deep wisdom with a knowledge of business that is practical and effective.  It’s hard to describe the peace she brings to my thinking about my processes. If there was one word for it I would say – divine.  She is an important guide and coach for any busy female entrepreneurs trying to make sense of their business, productivity and meaning in their lives.

– Jen Cudmore
Founder, Jen Cudmore Alignment Coaching

“My life before starting Puja’s program was hectic, disorganized & lacking true direction. I felt like I was constantly running from one task to another, while not ever able to focus on any long-term goals.

With Puja’s help, I am MUCH more organized and also respect my time, as well as others’ much more. I am able to really listen to my body, as well as my heart and “gut” with confidence.
I also have a better at “letting things go” when people don’t react or situations don’t play out as I would want or expect them to.

It makes for a MUCH calmer “me” which makes my marriage easier & happier, as well as my every day tasks! I always thought that compassion toward others was my biggest strength, yet my compassion for myself & others has increased ten-fold!!

I would definitely recommend Puja & her program!! She has helped me so much.

Suzanne Machester
Owner, Foundation Fitness, LLC


“Puja helps women entrepreneurs reshuffle and re-prioritize the way they run their business so they can earn more money and feel energized again.

Because of this program I started my search towards my real soul passion and life purpose. It has changed my way of looking at my business.

As a result, there’s been more income in my business and more will come during this year because of the packages I’ve now designed. I’m also feeling better about my business. I am not over delivering anymore and value my services much better.

– Lizzy Koster
Owner, AeginaGreece.com

“Puja teaches women that spirituality and grace can be a part of a successful woman’s repertoire.

The program had a tremendous impact on my business. I was able to filter through the BS and get to the “meat and potatoes” (or I prefer the “vino and veggies”!) of my business.

The program helped me clarify what it is I was truly wanting from my business and how to get it. Puja has a way of leading you to the answer and the path to take in a truly creative and nontraditional way. I dug deeper and learned more about my desires and blockages in three months than I did in the previous year. One of my key takeaways was that digging into the “why” of things brings about intrinsic change.

Puja is a passionate, intelligent and kind hearted business woman and coach. I highly recommend her.

Kristen Hatch
Holistic Health Coach at Intuitive Wellness

Puja is a natural born coach. She is incredibly creative, leads through her feminine, divine wisdom and heart. She is capable of picking up individual nuances and address them with high precision, intelligence and heart. Her great coaching skills combined with her intuition and experience helped me to shift hidden old beliefs around money and self-worth and enter into my superpowers with grace and ease..
What I love most is, that we can enter in a space of deep coaching – the space where real changes happen. As a coach myself, I have high standards and even higher expectations of quality, authenticity and trust. I appreciate Puja’s work so much, that I recommended her even to my daughter.”

-Modita Wieser
Master Life & Business Coach

“Before we started the program I was swirling. I was very stressed. I had a stressed energy that left me feeling empty.

Now I have deep faith in my abilities to balance myself. I am more open and authentic. I’m really listening to my intuition and as a result I have more confidence in my values and voice. I also have permanent tools to release stress and tap into my creativity.

Puja offers a loving, supporting focus on the joy of being a woman; celebrating our special characteristics in mind, body and spirit. At the same time she is a no-nonsense coach who can help you to cut through mental barriers and truly excel.

I would absolutely recommend Puja’s program! It’s fun, it’s practical and it gives permanent tools to help you in different areas of your life. It’s an example of East meets West in a wonderful way!

– Alicia Culp
CEO, Cathedral Corporation


The first impact was a major mental shift I experienced during our first session together. Puja was able to get me to step into what it would feel like to actually be a successful coach and to step away from all the excuses that kept me from the grounded space. The second impact was training myself on a new way to organize my time. My takeaways from the program were I realized that so much of what holds us back is our mindset (I knew this of course, but it was great to see it and feel the shift personally), that structure actually leads to freedom and committing to planning specifically HOW one will build a business is key.  Puja is an evolved coach who has a deep understanding of both the business/physical world and the spiritual/energy world. 

-Claudia Renchy Morton
Leadership Coach

Puja is a Chief Spiritual Officer who matches holistic, integrated intention and truth with productivity and business outcomes for high capacity female leaders!

I came to Puja feeling like I was suddenly disoriented as to my true north – needed clarity and recalibration to my center amidst an enormous amount of change. I felt very centered within myself and connected to a higher, shared energy. This allowed me to easily overcome distractions, anxiety and stress during that period of time.

I recommend working with Puja. It was like up-leveling in a game I’m already playing and already invested in. It supported my journey on the path and was timely, accessible and effective for what I was looking for.”

-Danya Shea
CEO & Co-Creator, Fervr

Yes! I’d absolutely recommend Puja’s program. Before it, I had some lack of clarity around my target audience and how to create packages and price them.

Now I’ve gained quite a bit of clarity and have been able to really implement what I learned. I’ve been able to define my unique selling proposition and my target audience and I’ve streamlined my messaging in regards to both of these. I also better understand how to package and price my offerings and have revamped my packages and prices since the program.

Diane Diaz
Founder & Brand Strategist, The Brand Teacher



Anyone who wants to make an impact and difference in the world needs Puja on their team! Before working with Puja, I was getting by but not really thriving or using my natural strengths because I wasn’t aware of what they were!  I now know exactly the actions I need to take to create abundance in my business with ease.  The steps that feel easy and natural because they connect with who I am at my core. My income has also increased with 3 new clients!  Puja is simply an amazing coach. She is super intuitive, fun, innovative yet practical with her guidance and wisdom so you can make profound changes right away.  

– Jacki Oliphant
Coach and Psychotherapist

“As a business owner and teacher, I’ve been able to get things done, move towards my goals and vision with ease while also having time for my family and myself. I see Puja as pure light & love and she has reminded me of that within myself!

I have had multiple coaching experiences, but I would have to say that Puja’s coaching offered me something that I never received before in a session and that is lots of Love! She is one of the most authentic women I know that truly speaks and works from the heart.

She really listened to me and always responded in such a way that I would feel completely empowered, filled with strength, & determined to follow through with all my goals and face challenges head on!

Raveflower Dugandzic
Owner/Instructor, Inspirit Yoga Studio


“The biggest gift of my time with Puja is that I’m no longer living in and operating from fear. She’s helped me focus with tools and guidance on a reality that I wouldn’t have access to myself.

Working with Puja has provided a gentle way for me to look inward at myself, my behavior, hopes and dreams to achieve happiness and balance. The world hasn’t really changed but my thoughts have and I am so glad I can say that.  I am so grateful to Puja for leading me through this journey.

I would absolutely recommend her program. Puja is an earthly spirit guide who is able to provide a well rounded lens that incorporates traditional and nontraditional techniques based on her clients’ requirements.”

– Cheryl Collins
CFRE (Certified Fund Raising Executive)

“At the close of my yoga teacher training I realized that I didn’t really know how I wanted to use the training. Puja’s coaching has helped me to develop a business development strategy with time bound and measurable goals, as well as a clearer understanding of the actions necessary to establish a viable yoga based wellness business. It has also helped me to clarify what matters to me most, where I am in my relationships and my higher power beliefs. I have made in being able to really stand in my own truth;and to move beyond the need for external validation.

Puja is equipped with specific business management and personal lifestyle skills to assist entrepreneurs in articulating and executing actions that will lead to desired lifestyle and business goals.

I would highly recommend this one on one coaching program because it is grounded in an understanding of the role that spiritual connection plays in our ability navigate life’s challenges with grace and gratitude. That is followed up by skill building in how to become more productive and balanced across all areas of ones life. I only wish that I had discovered this program earlier in my life!”

– Patricia Goodwin
Owner, The Mocha Yogi


“My life was pretty hectic before the program, and I was dealing with a lot of limiting self talk and practices.

Puja’s program helped be get more focused around what I want to achieve in both short and long term. This has helped me say no to things that don’t support what I want. The program also helped me in freeing up mental space by letting go of emotional baggage that I had been holding onto for years.

I now take a more holistic approach to my well being – I’ve developed healthy habits that allow me to tap into my creative energy on a regular basis and subdue the daily anxiety that I deal with in my job. This has improved my energy levels and I feel more productive in general.

Puja is great at helping women empower themselves to design better, more fulfilling lives for themselves. I would recommend her to women who are serious about making transformation in their lives and are ready to commit to making the necessary changes.”

– Ashley V
Franchise Consultant, BrightStar Care

Puja’s business background and skills paired with her intuitive, mindful approach made her a perfect match to help me take my business to the next level.

I love Puja’s incredible, infectious energy and can’t recommend her enough!”

– Kanani Briggs
Business and Life Coach

Working with Puja changed my life. Before I started working with her, I was ALL over the place, with a lot of un-focused energy. I was running around, exhausting myself, tired, cranky and annoyed. I did not understand the things my body was trying to tell me.

Thanks to Puja now I feel much more focused. I have more energy. I can give more without spinning my wheels. I’ve been able to listen to body and am able to accept myself. I feel more confident, true to myself and more at peace. I can honestly say that my life is healthier and happier since I began working with her. Before each decision I make – large or small – I consider what I learned while working with Puja.

I appreciate Puja’s ability to really listen to my needs and create a wellness and productivity plan that worked specifically for me. She has a very loving, fun and non-judgemental style that makes you feel very strong and empowered.”

-Leah Nash
Chief Innovator, Trusted Source

“I was yearning for “something’ more” in several areas. Not only did Puja have all the resources I needed but also the insight and guidance about how best to put them to use to reach my goals quickly and easily.

One of my biggest takeaway was the importance of self-awareness and becoming crystal clear of my desires. When I had a clear understanding of that, all my decisions and actions had a point of focus and fell in-line with my true self. I realised that when we’re aligned, over time the happiness we seek will come.

Another powerful takeaway was silencing the inner-critic. We like to beat ourselves up.( I.e. I didn’t get to exercise today, I haven’t cleaned the house etc). Through Puja’s programs and techniques, I learned that we need to stop that dialogue and remind ourselves we are doing the best we can.

My primary concern was the cost. What helped me make the final decision to move forward was having had the discovery session with Puja and being able to experience what type of progress can be made in just a short amount of time.”

Erica Finlay
Digital Media Specialist ,Clear Channel Outdoor

“I came to Puja feeling worn down and stressed. Even small tasks were starting to feel overwhelming, but I was not sure where the disconnect was in my health and lifestyle.

Puja focused on all areas of my life and as a result, I learned a great deal about my health, mindset and overall outlook. I feel that I am functioning as a much more complete person. Putting myself into a much more positive space both internally and externally has lead to many changes that seemed to happen naturally, but I know are due to the work I put in with myself through Puja’s experienced guidance.

Puja has a very gentle and natural way of nudging the process at your individual pace. I recommend her to any woman looking to become a healthier person in mind, body and spirit!”

Lisa Baker
Vice President, LiVD & Produced

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Puja’s program. She helped me put my life back in balance. Before I started working with Puja, I was living for someone else and just plain unhappy. I had no motivation to do anything for myself. My work, health and wellbeing were being affected as a result. My life was unbalanced and I was consumed with guilt and inner criticism on a daily basis.

Now I am a different person. I am happy and full of life. Sometimes my life gets unbalanced again, but I have learned how to navigate back to my centre.

Puja’s work has guided me to the realisation that I deserve to be happy. I’ve learned to listen to my body and I’m fully aware that changing my inner dialog can change my outer circumstances. This has had a positive impact on my work, my relationships, my creativity. On everything, really.

Puja leads by example. She is so full of life, so strong, and so balanced that she knows how to guide others to a more fulfilling life.

Elizabeth Chaconas
Auditor, Moss Krusick & Associates, LLC. Violist

Puja makes you feel like you can take on the world. When you’re with her she breathes you in deep and exhales back to you more energy and empowerment that feeds your soul.

Thanks to her, I’m listening to my body more and ask what it needs instead of telling it what it needs based on outside sources. Sometimes people are so caught up in their own head it takes an outsider to pull them out of it.

Puja has the ability to do this with finesse, confidence and heart.  She helps you go inside yourself to find answers you sometimes weren’t even aware of and it helps you develop a more solid foundation for your self-identity and story. Her work is thoughtful, funny, insightful, reflective and highly empowering. She is a joy and breath of fresh air..”

Patti Combs
Digital Media Manager, Clear Channel 


Puja’s work empowers women to trust their own inner wisdom and to use it as a guide to navigate through the stress of modern life.

Consistently, women who participate in Puja’s process report their sense of vitality and radiance enhanced.  Puja offers her gentle and confident leadership from a place of compassion, understanding, and non-judgment.

Her approach is practical and offers common sense solutions in a package that allows us to sift away the mutterings of our ego and embrace the simple wisdom that can elevate us to our highest potential. I couldn’t recommend her work enough.”

Emily Ruff
Director, Florida School of Holistic Living


“To be honest I was not sure this would work because I’m always traveling. But to my surprise working with Puja transformed my life to another level.

I don’t stress or hardly ever worry about my weight. I have way more energy at work also make better food choices. I also laugh and play more.

And I’ve finally gotten off the emotional roller coaster. I feel much happier and connected to source. Thanks to Puja, I’ve finally got around to finding my passion for life and living it rather then thinking about it.

Puja has a knack to mould and merge with her client. I felt so much synergy with her. The sessions were so valuable to me cause they gave me the support I needed to reach my goals.”

Leela Dhaliwal
Emirates Airlines


“Thanks to the program, I’ve reached a point where my peace is of outmost importance and I’m not willing to waste energy on anything that is not adding value to my life.

Puja empowers women to live in abundance and be successful by tapping into their feminine power and unique womanly qualities. From the program I learned deep self love, making self care a priority and felt empowered in general.

The program was very valuable and Puja’s coaching method comes from a place of love and understanding. She has a lot to offer and is full of powerful tools to share. Thank you for all you have taught me.”


Puja’s sense of humor, contagious optimism, and deep sincerity helped me so much when I was struggling managing my time after having a baby.Throughout the program I felt completely understood by her and she was able to keep me accountable effortlessly.

With simple questions and even simpler suggestions she gave me ideas on how to restructure my calendar, my schedule, and my approach to time management. She helped me prioritize my near and long term goals, brand my client offerings, and get clear on what I want to achieve.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Puja’s programs to professional women struggling with time management, looking for clarity on their goals and vision, or simply needing inspiration in their professional and personal life.”

Teodora Touzharova
Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach, Luminously Healthy


rave2“I love Puja and her energy. She makes you feel like a goddess, but more importantly she helps you make smarter, happier choices even when you’re on your own. I’ve felt rejuvenated, peaceful, deserving, aware and in tune with my body, emotions and life. I have been able to easily avoid or shed negativity, focus on what is important and prioritize in a more healthy manner. I also have found I can listen to my body better when it’s telling me something. I absolutely recommend Puja’s work to women wanting to make change in their life, or wanting guidance on wellness or happiness. Thanks again Puja! xoxo

Katrina Mary
Director of Marketing, ProductionHUB

“Puja really listens with her heart + her mind and gives some of the most valuable recommendations I’ve ever received. As an entrepreneur, one of my struggles is consistency and Puja has helped me build my consistency skills which ultimately has led to more success. Since working with Puja, I have been able to get A LOT more done than I would have by myself. She helped me create content topics, overviews, outlines while breaking it down to accomplish “x” amount of material in “x” amount of time. She created a very safe space for me to share my creativity, where we brainstormed, played with ideas and I didn’t have to hold anything back.  I would recommend Puja to any woman, she has SO much expertise and wisdom in regards to health & vitality, heart-centered business & marketing, and spirituality. She is the whole package. She is authentic & loving and I feel extremely blessed to have Puja in my life.”

Lindsey Torres
Certified Holistic Coach, Empower The Mom

“I’ve gained a greater sense of myself and what I am capable of doing. The permission and patience I learned to give myself through Puja’s guidance have improved my life immensely. Had she asked me to walk on hot coals, I would have done it and felt like a warrior princess! Puja, I hope you realize how you are changing the world. One woman at a time. I am crying as I write this because you are doing the work and I’m so grateful for it. I love and support you. Infinite gratitude.”

Candice Mitchell
Yoga Teacher and Blogger


“Puja’s unique style has worked perfectly for me. She has a deep understanding of women’s struggles in general, yet is able to individualize it for each. With Puja’s guidance, I’ve started to take life a little slower, even with the hustle and bustle of everyday life. She’s made me realize that both relaxation and restoration are extremely crucial parts of life, especially as a growing professional woman (and to do that with a sense of ownership without guilt). When I think of Puja, I think of true wisdom. I hope I never stop learning from her!”

Hiba George
Program Coordinator, Cities of Service


“Puja is excellent! I’m very type A, so it’s hard for me to pay attention to my body’s subtler signals. Because of Puja’s program, I’m more aware of the messages my body is sending me. I love her focus on feminine health and communication. Puja created a very safe, welcoming environment for me. I would absolutely recommend her to women who don’t want to be at odds with their bodies anymore.”

Erica Jacobs
Creative Director, Erica Jacobs Design


rave3“For a long time, I’ve wanted to learn how to take care of myself and thanks to Puja, now I know how. Learning about my own cycles has been very valuable and I’ve been able to release some things that haven’t been serving me well. Puja has an easy, down-to-earth and real way of working with you. She is warm, non-judgmental and someone I feel perfectly safe and comfortable with. Thank you!”

Natalie D’azzo
Licensed Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher 


“Puja has shared with me a deeper consciousness and connection with food and with my body. From her, I’ve learned that ”I am the real source of wisdom in my life”, I’ve learned to listen to my body, my needs and to stop “shoulding” on myself. And self-love, lots and lots of self-love. Puja’s down to earth sharing style makes her recommendations easy and fun to receive. I’m so grateful for the wisdom, encouragement, light-heartedness, and inspiration that Puja has brought into my life.”

Madelyn Sovern
Student Teacher